RuairĂ­ Kell

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Sales - Marketing - Social Media Guru - Musician - Creator - Thinker

As a professional, I work in sales, marketing and business development. Whether creating a promotional campaign, making a sales call, or driving concept roll-out across Europe, I take pride in working to the highest levels of excellence in my field.

I have also worked in one of Dublin's most exciting startups - the first co-working space in the city. Making, connecting and promoting are my areas of expertise, managing all social interconnectedness. I flourish when sat behind a computer, simply typing.

I thrive on being a musician in my spare time. I play numerous instruments at varying levels and enjoy every minute of it. I have completed Grade 8 in flute, won numerous competitions, played in bands, been in musicals, and even had radio time.

Outside of all of that, some of my favourite things to do are to go cycling, read a good book, find a nice restaurant, or tickle my taste buds with coffee and wine. My favourite thing to do of course, is to spend time with my wonderful wife.